kaftan Maghribi 2014

Caftan 2014

In Moroccan Culture the young women wear a long robe like outfit called Moroccan caftan. This long garment is usually worn for festivals especially weddings.Some of the latest additions to the Moroccan traditional dress are the Jellaba,Takchita and Caftans.

It is made out of two pieces of cloth, an inner dress as a first layer, regularly of fine yet not some decorated cloth, and there is a more elegant second layer on the inner layer that frequently fasten the front utilizing the conventional Sfifa and akaad. The upper layer is frequently luxuriously beautified with weaving, beading or sequins.

 Wedding kaftan 2014

kaftan Maghribi 2014kaftan Wedding DressMoroccan Kaftan Wedding Dress



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Present day translations of conventional Moroccan dress, especially the Takchita, Caftan and Jellaba are shown at the Annual Caftan form Show in Morocco and had by the Moroccan style magazine ” Femmes du Maroc”. Perspective Wedding Caftan 2014 Collection.

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